Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast 2017

Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast 2017

Place – Putnam Lodge of Elks 574

Time – January 16 (Monday) 2017, 8:00 AM


Tourtellotte Memorial HS Modern Music Ensemble

photo credit: Valentine Iamartino

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Matthew Hughey (Professor of Sociology, University of Connecticut)

“Dr. King, Racism, Black Lives, and How It All Matters: Toward a Sociology and Theology of Justice”


Artworks from Sunday School Children at Living Faith UMC

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Gathering for the Breakfast



About 100 people attended the event. Many expressed that this event was meaningful and wished to see it continue in the future. We are grateful for all the works that our planning committee has put together for such a short time. [Rev. Louise Dumas, Rev. Judy Gehrig, Kathi Peterson, Angela Sanchez, Lorna Wade, Kathy King, Doug Ewing and Bev Shaw] We are also grateful all those who came early that morning to help us prepare. God bless our church and ministry!

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