Baptism is a special joy in the life of all believers. In the life of infants, it is a reminder of the claim God has on each of our lives, even before we are able to profess the name of Christ. In the life of children, youth, and adults, baptism is an opportunity to be welcomed into the life of the Church with a reminder of God’s love which has always been present in your life.

Baptism, a sacrament within The United Methodist Church, gives us identity as the people for whom Jesus Christ lived, died and was resurrected. In baptism we are incorporated into the community of God’s people, the body of Christ.

People of all ages, including infants, are welcomed to be baptized within The United Methodist Church. Matthew 19:14 reminds us that little children belong in God’s Kingdom by saying: “Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs.” Infant baptism represents the baptized child’s inclusion into God’s Kingdom. Because the baptism of a child includes both family and church community involvement, it is appropriate for a child’s baptism to take place in the church where he or she will be raised and nurtured in their Christian journey.

Persons of all ages can be baptized at Living Faith UMC. We baptize by sprinkling Holy Water to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The United Methodist Church recognizes baptisms from other faiths and churches and therefore does not “re-baptize.”

At Living Faith UMC, it is our privilege to baptize children and adults. If you or your child is interested in exploring baptism, please contact the church office by phone 860-928-9705 or by email