Comfort Bags



Our Missions Committee is embarking on a new venture to help those patients going through the difficulties associated with cancer treatments. We, along with your help will be providing comfort bags, filled with items that will lend comfort and perhaps some solace to those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Can you help by providing one or more of the following items?

• Small tissue paper (Kleenex) packets

• Ginger bites or chunks (I’ve found these at Trader Joes and TJ Maxx but look around)

• Ginger tea

• Lip balm

• Unscented Sensitive soap

• Sensodyne toothpaste

• Soft bristle toothbrushes

• Word search puzzles

• Journals

• Pens

• Aveeno Daily moisturizing lotion – fragrance free

• Jolly Ranchers watermelon candies

• Brachs Lemon Drop candies

• Hand sanitizer

• Starlight peppermints

If you pick up any of these items, please bring them in to the church and place them in the front hallway tote marked COMFORT BAGS. They will be placed in specially crafted bags and distributed by the Oncology Department at DKH.