Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking for more information about participating and joining in the life and ministry of Living Faith UMC check out the questions and answers below. You can also contact the church office with any additional questions @ 860-928-9705 or by email

Who can receive communion?

In the United Methodist Church, the Lord’s Table is open to all who come in the spirit of the service, regardless of whether you are a member of this church or any church. We celebrate communion the first Sunday of each month and use gluten free bread and grape juice. All are welcome!

Who can be baptized?

We baptize adults who have never been baptized and are ready to profess their faith in
Christ. We baptize infants as an early step in their faith journey. The primary focus is not dedicating a child, but on the gift of divine grace. Because infant baptism connects so directly to a specific church, only infants whose families are part of this community of faith are baptized. The baptism of someone of any age incorporates that person into our particular community of faith which vows to uphold them in their Christian journey and strongly encourages ongoing faithful commitment to the life of the church.

How do I become a member of Living Faith UMC?

New Members come to us by Certificate of Transfer (The Office Manager writes to their previous church for a letter of transfer), or by Profession of Faith. When someone informs the pastor, or church office, that they are ready to join the church a date is set that works well for that individual and her/his family. Any who have not previously been baptized are invited to be baptized on the same day that they take the vows of membership. The welcoming of new members is a very special time and is cherished by the entire congregation.

Can I participate in the church without becoming a member?

The ministries and offerings of the church are open to everyone, whether you are a church member or not. All involved in the life of the church are invited to use their God-given passions, gifts, and treasures for the benefit of God’s kingdom through the ministry and witness of Living Faith UMC.