Youth Group

The Living Faith United Methodist Church Youth Group was formed in August of 2016 under the direction of Pastor Bob (Song Bok) Jon, Monica Boudreau, Doug Ewing, and Emma Strama.  We also have our own personal chef, Christine Castonguay, who not only cooks, but also teaches her skills to Pastor Bob on occasion.

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The youth are encouraged to participate at the level at which they feel comfortable. We have a diverse group of teens; some are part of the church family, some are friends of other teens, and a some are from the community. Since we are such a new group, we are first focusing on building trust and community among our teens.  We meet them
20160924_180925with love and acceptance wherever they are in their life journey. Some of the team building has involved games fostering team cooperation, making pizzas, pretzel making, a church scavenger hunt to familiarize the teens with the various parts of  the church, pumpkin painting and decorating for the tables at Community Cafe for Halloween.

In June, 2017, we are planning a mission trip to Philadelphia, PA to take part in The Philadelphia Project. This is an inner city mission effort where some of the teens will work with Vacation Bible School and others will go out into the community and help with carpentry, painting, etc.  We are planning to travel with 25 people from this church as well as the family of our District Superintendent, David Calhoun.  We will be including our middle schoolers who will be entering 7th grade in the fall as well.  The teens will be fundraising throughout the winter and spring to raise the funds necessary for this mission trip. Pastor Bob has made this trip with his former church. We are excited to embark on this endeavor and look forward to telling our congregation more about it as we move forward.

Monica Boudreau and Doug Ewing have many years of experience working in youth ministry in the Putnam church.  They led a very successful youth  ministry in this church in the past. Monica has almost 40 years experience and Doug has over 20 years experience.


Emma is committed to this youth group and the kids love her. Christine Castonguay, our  personal chef, selflessly serves us wonderful food and we really appreciate her.

A Testimony from Monica

“When I became a follower of Jesus Christ in December 1978, God gave me a special gift.  It was the gift of unconditional love for teenagers. I discovered this one Sunday morning in 1979 when I was in Adult Class and the superintendent of SS came in asking if anyone would teach the senior high school class, as their teacher was a no show.  My hand was up before I even knew what was happening and I was in a room with 8 teenagers. They asked to have me back the next week, and the next.   Thirty eight years later and many teenagers later, I am still teaching Sr. High Sunday School, Co-directing Youth Group and Co-advising the SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) group at Putnam High School.  I have watched countless teenagers become aware of the need for Christ in their lives and grow in to wonderful caring adults.  Other then my family, Youth ministry is the single most satisfying part of my life.”      

A Testimony from Lauren

“I personally enjoy going to youth group because of the safe and friendly environment it creates. While among my fellow peers I am able to be myself, and be happy. I enjoy the environment, the people, and the good times we all have together. Youth group is a fun place to get together and spend quality time, and I am so very happy to be a part of it. “  

At the present time, the group is open to senior high youth.  We meet every other week on Saturday from  4:30 – 6:30. pm which includes a shared meal.

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